Recent Synchronous Radiation of a Living Fossil

  title={Recent Synchronous Radiation of a Living Fossil},
  author={N. Nagalingum and C. Marshall and T. Quental and H. S. Rai and D. Little and S. Mathews},
  pages={796 - 799}
  • N. Nagalingum, C. Marshall, +3 authors S. Mathews
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Despite their ancient origin, the majority of extant cycad species radiated within the past 10 million years. Modern survivors of previously more diverse lineages are regarded as living fossils, particularly when characterized by morphological stasis. Cycads are often cited as a classic example, reaching their greatest diversity during the Jurassic–Cretaceous (199.6 to 65.5 million years ago) then dwindling to their present diversity of ~300 species as flowering plants rose to dominance. Using… CONTINUE READING
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