Recent Studies in Burton and Walton

  title={Recent Studies in Burton and Walton},
  author={Andrea Sunnu and R. Burton},
  journal={English Literary Renaissance},
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reasonably complete bibliography. Scholarship is organized by authors or titles of anonymous works. Items included represent combined entries listed in the annual bibliographies published by PMLA, YWES, andMHRA from 1945 through, in the present instance, 1985 supplemented by a few items published since that date. The format used here is a modified version of that used in Recent Studies in English Renaissance Drama, ed. Terence P. Logan and Denzel S. Smith.4 vols. (Univ. of Nebraska Press, 1973… Expand


Recent Studies in Burton and Walton
The format and enumerative standards of EL& “Reccnt Studies’’ surveys are generally consistcnt with those used in the fortliconiing Recoif Studies iti Etiglirh Renaissance Drama, cd. Tcrciicc P.Expand
Robert Burton's Tricks of Memory
OBERT BURTON was modest enough to R characterize his great Anatomy of Melancholy as a mere compilation; "no news here, that which I have is stoln from others."' The facts are, of course, to theExpand
Transmission du Symbolisme Piscatorial
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) . 125 - 26 . Century Worthies in a Twentieth - Century Mirror ( 1940 ; rpt . 1971 ) , pp . 24 - 28 . Transmission du Symbolisme Piscatorial
  • “ A Bibliography and Notes of Izaak Walton ’ s T h e Compleat Angler in . Yu [ sic ] . “ William Samuel and Izaak Walton , ” AnRS
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A Bibliography and Notes of Izaak Walton's The Compleat Angler in . Yu[sic
  • AnRS
  • 1977
Thomas Zouch's Life of Walton and the Alleged Friendship Between Charles
  • 1977
suggests that Walton's "improbable medley" of characters owes a general debt to the stage and a particular debt to Fletcher and Massinger's The Beggar's Bush, which Walton mistakenly attributes to
  • Stage Influences in The Compleat '4ngler, RES
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Prose Fiction, and Criticism to 1660: A Guide to Information Merritt
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Japanese Translation
  • Japanese
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