Recent Research on Paul and Slavery – By John Byron

  title={Recent Research on Paul and Slavery – By John Byron},
  author={Zeba A. Crook},
  journal={Religious Studies Review},
The Use of Slaves in Early Christianity: Slaves as Subjects of Life and Thought
slavery; New Testament; Early Christianity; Apostle Paul; feminist theory; queer theory; historiography
Faith in John Chrysostom's Preaching: A Contextual Reading
This study aims to establish the semantic range of ?????? (?faith?) in fourth century Christian discourse using the preaching of John Chrysostom as a source base. Against previous scholarship whichExpand
Foundations for a Biblical Model of Servant Leadership in the Slave Imagery of Luke-Acts
This dissertation proposes that secular paradigms of servant leadership, rooted in the writings of Robert Greenleaf, are deficient theologically based on their humanistic presuppositions andExpand
From Judaism to Christianity: Tradition and Transition
The striving of Hellenistic Judaism to lay claim to its own epoch and the struggle of early Christianity to ground its pluriform beliefs in that same world represent the governing themes of thisExpand
Striking Family Hierarchies: Luke 12:35–48, Gender and Slavery
ABSTRACT In this article I use the parable in Luke 12:35–48 “to think with”. The parable talks about a master who leaves his house, after which the trusted slave misuses his privileged position andExpand