Recent Progress in the WCLL Breeding Blanket Design for the DEMO Fusion Reactor

  title={Recent Progress in the WCLL Breeding Blanket Design for the DEMO Fusion Reactor},
  author={Alessandro Tassone and Alessandro Del Nevo and Pietro Arena and G. Bongiov{\`i} and Gianfranco Caruso and Pietro Alessandro di Maio and Giuseppe di Gironimo and Marica Eboli and Nicola Forgione and Ruggero Forte and Fabio Giannetti and Giovanni Mariano and Emanuela Martelli and Fabio Del Moro and Rocco Mozzillo and Andrea Tarallo and Rosaria Villari},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science},
The water-cooled lithium-lead (PbLi) breeding blanket is one of the candidate systems considered for the implementation in the European Demonstration Power Plant (DEMO) nuclear fusion reactor. This concept employs PbLi liquid metal as tritium breeder and neutron multiplier, water pressurized at 15.5 MPa as the coolant, and EUROFER as the structural material. The current design is based on the single module segment approach and follows the requirements of the DEMO-2015 baseline design. The… CONTINUE READING


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Structural analysis of the back supporting structure of the DEMO WCLL outboard blanket

P. A. Di Maio
  • Fusion Eng. Des., vol. 124, pp. 944–947, Nov. 2017.
  • 2017