Recent Literature

  title={Recent Literature},
  journal={American Journal of Sociology},
  pages={563 - 576}
  • American Journal of Sociology
The Problem of Unemployment Insurance in Germany.-The unemployment insurance law for German government appointees which was passed December 28, igii, may be regarded with pride. Social legislation has worked so well in Germany that other countries have copied its methods. In fact, England has gone a step farther in establishing a general insurance law, and this has aroused new interest in Germany. But in Germany the laborers and trade unions already have small systems of insurance. For a… Expand


Cabinet Government in France
The general opinion among English and American political writers is that the French system of cabinet government is very nearly a regime of “parliamentary anarchy.” In recent years it has also beenExpand
The occupation hazard of locomotive firemen
The occupational hazard of any employment is now matter in which the general public is taking an ever increasing interest. Decent wave of accident insurance legislation in the United States is calledExpand
The Militant Suffrage Movement
not on mere study of books, but on a first-hand acquaintance with the movement itself in England. In 1913 during part of July, August and October, and in 1914 from May 27 to July 14, I was in LondonExpand
Political Equality for Women and Women's Wages
two striking facts: first, the wage level of a large number of women is conspicuously below the level which would make possible competent and efficient life; second, the wage level of women isExpand
Woman Suffrage Opposed to Woman's Rights
Equal suffrage awaits a trial. Woman suffrage as tried in the United States is the most unequal division of responsibilities imaginable. The voting woman has retained most of the special rights andExpand
The Evolution of a New Woman
The question is often asked, "What do you think of the militant movement that now bewilders England?" Shall our women follow the course of the English suffrage movement, or should American opinion beExpand
The Economic Basis of Feminism
The term &dquo;feminism&dquo; has been used in a variety of ways. But generally speaking it seems to be used as a name for the present extensive movement for removing discriminations against woman onExpand
A Research on the Proportion of Mental Defectives among Delinquents
A careful study of the proportion of mental defectives among delinquents is extremely timely because now-a-days there is a tendency to commit to institutions only the most incorrigible or the least hopeful offenders. Expand
Darwinism and Sociology
This paper seeks to supply evidence in the direction of showing (a) that it is illegitimate to deduce the nature and degree of the innate mental capacities of a people or person from the stage ofExpand
Feminism and Conventionality
A few years ago there was discussion in academic circles over differentiating the college curriculum of women from that of men. Surely the curriculum for men is not so satisfactory, it was urged,Expand