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  title={Recent Journal Articles},
  author={Wendy A. Swik},
  journal={The Journal of Military History},
  pages={702 - 705}
  • Wendy A. Swik
  • Published 2003
  • History
  • The Journal of Military History
THE JOURNAL OF THE bibliography is compiled by the systematic search of approximately four hundred periodicals, a check of several general journal bibliographies, and the welcomed contribution of interested subscribers. Many times older citations will be included simply because the compiler had not come across them earlier or, more frequently, because the periodicals are behind publication schedule. Those wishing to be assured of having their articles listed in this section are urged to notify… Expand


Can Reading Clausewitz Save Us from Future Mistakes
Answering the question: No, though to read the commentators, we'd never know it. An Author for All Seasons Some works are so broad in scope, so inclusive, even of contradictions internal toExpand
''A Score of Bloody Okinawas and Iwo Jimas'': President Truman and Casualty Estimates for the Invasion of Japan
The Enola Gay Debate: A Collection of Materials Documenting the Public Debate between Veterans and the National Air and Space Museum Concerning the Proposed EnolaGay Exhibit (Arlington, Va., 1995); Philip Nobile, ed. Expand
Balkan Nationalisms in the Ottoman Parliament, 1909 *
On 30 January 1909, the minister of the interior for the new Ottoman government, Huseyin Hilmi Pasha, took the podium to answer an inquiry by a group of parliamentarians in the Chamber of Deputies.Expand
The Czech and Slovak armed forces immediately before the CSFR split: notes from Canadian classified diplomatic records
A recent Access to Information Act request to the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and international Trade resulted in the release of 256 pages of text concerning Czech and Slovak FederalExpand
The Royal Navy's Polaris lobby, 1955–62
This article examines the background to the Royal Navy's acquisition of Polaris. The conventional wisdom is that the Navy had little interest in Polaris, which was foisted on it upon the cancellationExpand
The Continental System as a Sieve: The Disappearance of Benjamin Bathurst in 1809
Diplomats, fidential knowledge about their own and other countries, are highly conspicuous and privileged individuals, protected from interference by treaties and convention.1 On the rare occasionsExpand
The partisan war in north-west Russia 1941–44: a re-examination
This article examines the extent to which the limited achievements of the Soviet partisan movement in north-west Russia during the first months of the Great Patriotic War can be attributed largely toExpand
Lafayette’s Mémoires and the Changing Legacy of Two Revolutions
By publishing his posthumous memoirs in 1837, Lafayette’s family intended to insure his reputation and promote the liberal cause. This article explains the varied and often surprising reasons for theExpand
Crossing the Rubicon: Soviet Plans for Offensive War in 1940–1941
S OME SIXTY YEARS after the event, the outbreak of the war between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia remains controversial. In par­ ticular, historians continue to argue about the objectives of JosephExpand
‘A leatherneck reports’, part 1: The correspondence of lieutenant general James Carson Breckinridge, USMC, assistant us naval attache to Petrograd, 1916–17
Lieutenant General James Carson Breckinridge, USMC, (1877–1942) a veteran and well‐respected Marine Corps officer during the first four decades of the twentieth century, had the distinct honor ofExpand