Recent Historiography of the First World War

  title={Recent Historiography of the First World War},
  author={Alan Kramer},
  journal={Journal of Modern European History},
  pages={27 - 5}
  • A. Kramer
  • Published 2014
  • History
  • Journal of Modern European History
Recent Historiography of the First World War Locating recent international historiography on the First World War within the long-term context, this article discusses above all the internationalisation of the topic and the trend towards transnational history. It asks why the war is almost entirely unknown in the history and memory of some states, while it has powerful symbolic value in others. Was the war a kind of «laboratory» for later radicalised practices, or was there even a continuity of… Expand
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Reinhard Nachtigal, Kriegsgefangenschaft an der Ostfront 1914 bis 1918
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Die vergessene Front. Der Osten 1914/15. Ereignis, Wirkung
  • Volkmann differs on some key questions from Hoeres: H.-E. Volkmann, «Der Ostkrieg 1914/15 als Erlebnis-und Erfahrungswelt des deutschen Militärs
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See the review article by P. Gatrell, «Prisoners of War on the Eastern Front during World War I
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