Recent European drought extremes beyond Common Era background variability

  title={Recent European drought extremes beyond Common Era background variability},
  author={Ulf B{\"u}ntgen and Otmar Urban and Paul J Krusic and Michal Rybn{\'i}{\vc}ek and Tom{\'a}{\vs} Kol{\'a}ř and Tom{\'a}{\vs} Kyncl and Alexander A{\vc} and Eva Koňasov{\'a} and Josef {\vC}{\'a}slavsk{\'y} and Jan Esper and Sebastian Wagner and Matthias Saurer and Willy Tegel and Petr Dobrovoln{\'y} and Paolo Cherubini and Frederick Reinig and Miroslav Trnka},
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Europe’s recent summer droughts have had devastating ecological and economic consequences, but the severity and cause of these extremes remain unclear. Here we present 27,080 annually resolved and absolutely dated measurements of tree-ring stable carbon and oxygen (δ13C and δ18O) isotopes from 21 living and 126 relict oaks (Quercus spp.) used to reconstruct central European summer hydroclimate from 75 bce to 2018 ce. We find that the combined inverse δ13C and δ18O values correlate with the June… 

Spring arctic oscillation as a trigger of summer drought in Siberian subarctic over the past 1494 years

These findings help explain the increased frequency of Siberian forest fires over the past decades in Central Siberia consistent with a reduction of summer precipitation, triggered by a positive phase of the Arctic Oscillation in May.

Hydrological Extremes in the Upper Yangtze River Over the Past 700 yr Inferred From a Tree Ring δ18O Record

Ongoing global warming has a strong influence on regional hydrological cycles. The upper reaches of the Yangtze River (UYR) are highly vulnerable to extreme hydrological droughts and floods, but a

Moisture variations during the first millennium CE and their linkage with social developments along the Silk Road in northwestern China

Moisture conditions, especially those that occur as multi-decadal anomalies, have profound impacts on society, especially in arid and semi-arid regions. However, the lack of high-resolution climate

The 2018–2020 Multi‐Year Drought Sets a New Benchmark in Europe

During the period 2018–2020, Europe experienced a series of hot and dry weather conditions with significant socioeconomic and environmental consequences. Yet, the extremity of these multi‐year dry

Changes in the Thermal and Hydrometeorological Forest Growth Climate During 1948–2017 in Northern Germany

Recent severe droughts and climate change projections have caused rising worries about the impacts of a warmer and drier climate on forests and the future of timber production. While recent trends in

Modern aridity in the Altai-Sayan mountain range derived from multiple millennial proxies

Temperature and precipitation changes are crucial for larch trees growing at high-elevation sites covered by permafrost in the Altai-Sayan mountain range (ASMR). To contextualize the amplitude of

Long-term decrease in Asian monsoon rainfall and abrupt climate change events over the past 6,700 years

A stable isotope–based reconstruction of ASM variability covering 4680 BCE to 2011 CE is presented, showing that this abrupt aridification starting ∼2000 BCE contributed to the shift of Neolithic cultures in northern China and likely triggered human migration and societal transformation.

Two Nothofagus Species in Southernmost South America Are Recording Divergent Climate Signals

Recent climatic trends, such as warming temperatures, decrease in rainfall, and extreme weather events (e.g., heatwaves), are negatively affecting the performance of forests. In northern Patagonia,

The emerging role of drought as a regulator of dissolved organic carbon in boreal landscapes

One likely consequence of global climate change is an increased frequency and intensity of droughts at high latitudes. Here we use a 17-year record from 13 nested boreal streams to examine direct and

Tree‐ring oxygen isotope recorded precipitation variations over the past two centuries in the northeast Chinese Loess Plateau

It was shown in previous studies that tree‐ring oxygen isotope (δ18OTR) was a proxy of regional precipitation. Using two δ18OTR chronologies of Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. in northeast Chinese Loess



The European 2016/2017 drought

We have analyzed the record-breaking drought that affected western and central Europe 21 from July 2016 to June 2017. It caused widespread impacts on water supply, agriculture and hydroelectric power

The European 2016/17 Drought

We have analyzed the record-breaking drought that affected western and central Europe from July 2016 to June 2017. It caused widespread impacts on water supplies, agriculture, and hydroelectric power

French summer droughts since 1326 CE: a reconstruction based on tree ring cellulose δ 18 O

Abstract. The reconstruction of droughts is essential for the understanding of past drought dynamics and can help evaluate future drought scenarios in a changing climate. This article presents a

Changes in European precipitation seasonality and in drought frequencies revealed by a four-century-long tree-ring isotopic record from Brittany, western France

A new paleoclimatic reconstruction for western France is obtained from tree-ring cellulose stable isotopes. Living trees from Rennes Forest and beams from two ancient buildings in Rennes city have

New Tree-Ring Evidence from the Pyrenees Reveals Western Mediterranean Climate Variability since Medieval Times

AbstractPaleoclimatic evidence is necessary to place the current warming and drying of the western Mediterranean basin in a long-term perspective of natural climate variability. Annually resolved and

Old World megadroughts and pluvials during the Common Era

Megadroughts reconstructed over north-central Europe in the 11th and mid-15th centuries reinforce other evidence from North America and Asia that droughts were more severe, extensive, and prolonged over Northern Hemisphere land areas before the 20th century, with an inadequate understanding of their causes.

The European 2015 drought from a climatological perspective

Abstract. The summer drought of 2015 affected a large portion of continental Europe and was one of the most severe droughts in the region since summer 2003. The summer of 2015 was characterized by

Signal strength and climate calibration of a European tree‐ring isotope network

We present the first European network of tree ring δ13C and δ18O, containing 23 sites from Finland to Morocco. Common climate signals are found over broad climatic‐ecological ranges. In temperate

2500 Years of European Climate Variability and Human Susceptibility

Reconstruction of tree ring–based reconstructions of central European summer precipitation and temperature variability over the past 2500 years may provide a basis for counteracting the recent political and fiscal reluctance to mitigate projected climate change.

Climatic and environmental aspects of the Mongol withdrawal from Hungary in 1242 CE

This work investigates annually resolved, absolutely dated and spatially explicit paleoclimatic evidence between 1230 and 1250 CE and demonstrates the importance of minor climatic fluctuations on major historical events.