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Recent Developments in Digital Wireless Network Security

  title={Recent Developments in Digital Wireless Network Security},
  author={G Pierce and Christof Paar},
In the past several years there has been an overwhelming demand for new communication technologies. An area of growing interest to the technological community is that of Personal Communication Services (PCS) and the use of Digital Wireless Networks (DWNs) in PCS. Secure communications is an aspect of PCS that is of particular interest to users of these services. Due to its wireless nature, DWNs are more vulnerable than their wired counterparts, with the possibility of passive (listen only) and… 
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An efficient authentication protocol supporting privacy in mobile computing environments

  • Sang Yun ParkM. HanY. Eom
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An authentication protocol that provides mobile hosts with the functionalities of authentication and session key distribution for user privacy and secure communication and can be an efficient authentication protocol for mobile computing environments.

Advanced Differential-Style Cryptanalysis of the NSA's Skipjack Block Cipher

The security of Skipjack is revisited, in particular its resistance to advanced differential-style and related-key distinguishers that were most likely not considered in the original design objectives of the NSA, and first-known related-keys impossible differential, rectangle andrelated-key rectangle distinguishers are constructed.

Draft Wireless White Paper 02 / 17 / 99 Wireless Information Technology for the 21 st Century Information Technology Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology

The authors have reviewed the draft material twice. The authors have also reviewed the projections, market inhibitors, and recommendations. At this time, the draft can be considered a consensus view



Security issues in mobile communications

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This work describes a scheme which provides authentication of the communicating entities, location privacy, and secure messaging, and provides a correct and efficient mechanism to establish secure communications.

Security issues in a CDPD wireless network

The authors summarize the design and present the complete protocol, and identify which protocol transmissions goes on which CDPD message, and present further issues and concerns that are beyond the scope of this protocol.

Trials of wireless, secure electronic mail

Multiple wireless services, e-mail packages, security packages, and mobile computers, which were integrated in various combinations to meet user needs and allow a thorough trial, are selected.

Wireless data communications

An overview of the wireless data field is presented, emphasizing three major elements: technologies utilized in existing and currently planned wireless data services, issues related to the performance of these systems, and discernible trends in the continuing development of wireless data systems.

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The Top 10 Challenges

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\Markov Ciphers and Diierential Cryptanalysis