Recent Advances and Application of Breast Imaging in Clinical Practice

  • Alice Ho Miu, Ling Nethersole, W F Yu
  • Published 2015


Breast imaging is an essential cornerstone in the management of breast cancer. It serves not only as breast cancer screening, but also in diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients with breast disease. Attempts to enhance the current imaging modalities and development of new technology are underway. We provide a short overview of the existing imaging modalities including mammography, tomosynthesis, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging, and recent technological advances including positron emission mammography, contrast digital mammography, elastography, three-dimensional / contrast-enhanced ultrasound and automated wholebreast ultrasound screening. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, new state-of-the-art applications in optical imaging, cone-beam computed tomography, magnetic resonance–ultrasound navigation, and molecular imaging techniques are also briefly discussed.

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