Receiver Cancellation of Nonlinear Power Amplifier Distortion in SDMA-OFDM Systems


Space division multiple access in conjunction with OFDM main drawback associated with orthogonal frequency division efficiency and system capacity. This combination is approaches have been presented in the literature, such as future WLAN implementations. One drawback of OFDM systems is the high peak to average power ratio, which imposes (LNST), and the exponential companding transform (Exp-CT). However, most of them involve high computational complexity. In this paper, we propose a new low-complexity companding transform scheme for PAPR reduction. From computer simulations, the proposed low-complexity scheme nonlinear distortion over the recovered symbols. The error rate than the Exp-CT scheme and smaller spectrum side-lobe generation than the LNST and Exp-CT schemes. It is useful for physical realization of an OFDM system. of the cancellation technique at channel estimation accuracy

DOI: 10.1109/ICASSP.2006.1660971

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@article{Wang2006ReceiverCO, title={Receiver Cancellation of Nonlinear Power Amplifier Distortion in SDMA-OFDM Systems}, author={Chin-Liang Wang and Timo I. Laakso and Juan E. Cousseau}, journal={2006 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing Proceedings}, year={2006}, volume={4}, pages={IV-IV} }