RecBCD Enzyme Switches Lead Motor Subunits in Response to χ Recognition

  title={RecBCD Enzyme Switches Lead Motor Subunits in Response to χ Recognition},
  author={M. Ashley Spies and Ichiro Amitani and Ronald J. Baskin and Stephen C Kowalczykowski},
RecBCD is a DNA helicase comprising two motor subunits, RecB and RecD. Recognition of the recombination hotspot, chi, causes RecBCD to pause and reduce translocation speed. To understand this control of translocation, we used single-molecule visualization to compare RecBCD to the RecBCD(K177Q) mutant with a defective RecD motor. RecBCD(K177Q) paused at chi but did not change its translocation velocity. RecBCD(K177Q) translocated at the same rate as the wild-type post-chi enzyme, implicating… CONTINUE READING
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