Rebuttal: growth under selection stimulates Lac(+) reversion (Roth and Andersson).

  title={Rebuttal: growth under selection stimulates Lac(+) reversion (Roth and Andersson).},
  author={Susan M Rosenberg and P. J. Hastings},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={186 15},
Roth’s and Andersson’s model (12) supports the conservative neo-Darwinist precept of constant and gradual evolutionary change. They exclude the possibility that mutation rates (per base pair replicated) may be affected by environmental stress (and are thus forced to argue the unimportance of those cells with demonstrably increased mutation rates). However, their model requires that we ignore much important data that contradict it; moreover, the data that they cite do not really support their… CONTINUE READING


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