Rebreathing expired gases from bedding: a cause of cot death?

  title={Rebreathing expired gases from bedding: a cause of cot death?},
  author={D P G Bolton and Barry J Taylor and Alasdair J. Campbell and Barbara C. Galland and C. Cresswell},
  journal={Archives of disease in childhood},
  volume={69 2},
The reported association of cot death and sleeping prone could be due to rebreathing of expired gases. A mechanical model simulating the respiratory system of an infant, exhaling warm humidified air with an end tidal carbon dioxide of 5%, has been used to investigate this. Some commonly used bedding materials caused an accumulation of carbon dioxide of 7% to over 10% with the model lying face down. This phenomenon persisted even with the head inclined at 45 degrees, but only on very soft… CONTINUE READING