Reassimilation of carbon dioxide by Flaveria (Asteraceae) species representing different types of photosynthesis

  title={Reassimilation of carbon dioxide by Flaveria (Asteraceae) species representing different types of photosynthesis},
  author={Hermann Bauwe and Olav Keerberg and Ronald Bass{\"u}ner and T. P{\"a}rnik and Burgund Bass{\"u}ner},
The capability to reassimilate CO2 originating from intracellular decarboxylating processes connected with the photorespiratory glycolate pathway and-or decarboxylation of C4 acids during C4 photosynthesis has been investigated with four species of the genus Flaveria (Asteraceae). The C3-C4 intermediate species F. pubescens and F. anomala reassimilated CO2 much more efficiently than the C3 species F. cronquistii and, with respect to this feature, behaved similarly to the C4 species F. trinervia… CONTINUE READING


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