Reassessment of an origin of the radio structure of J1420-0545

  title={Reassessment of an origin of the radio structure of J1420-0545},
  author={Marek Jamrozy and Jerzy Machalski and B. Nikiel-Wroczyński and Hvar Observatory and Jagiellonian University and Leiden Observatory and Leiden University},
In this paper, we test the possibility that the structure of the largest radio galaxy J1420-0545 may have been formed by restarted rather than primary jet activity. This hypothesis was motivated by the unusual morphological properties of the source consisting of two edge-brightened, narrow, highly collinear, and symmetric lobes, thus suggesting an almost ballistic propagation of powerful jets into a particularly low-density external medium. New observations made with the VLA together with the… CONTINUE READING
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