Reasons for violence: A preliminary ethnographic account of the LTTE

  title={Reasons for violence: A preliminary ethnographic account of the LTTE},
  author={Margaret Trawick},
  journal={South Asia-journal of South Asian Studies},
  • M. Trawick
  • Published 1997
  • Sociology
  • South Asia-journal of South Asian Studies

Female Terrorists or Guerrillas & Militant Feminism

This study examines the way that female terrorists fight for women’s rights, as well as the way their aspirations for women’s emancipation affect their agency, by analysing the cases of the female

Rethinking Transitional Gender Justice

normative claims currently made. As Boaventura de Sousa Santos and César Rodríguez-Garavito (2005, 3) have highlighted, ‘the role of law in counter-hegemonic globalization and the challenges that the

Reading Sri Lankan Tamil nationalism: Unnarratability in Shobasakthi’s Traitor

The 2001 Tamil novel Mmm (translated as Traitor in English) by Shobasakthi traverses spaces that are not often covered in contemporary Sri Lankan fiction. Set against the background of Tamil

Using War to Shift Peacetime Norms: The Example of Forced Marriage in Sierra Leone

  • K. Grewal
  • Political Science, History
    Rethinking Transitional Gender Justice
  • 2018
In this chapter, I explore the interaction between institutions of international criminal justice and local women’s rights struggles in post-conflict societies. Using the example of the forced

Governance Practices and Symbolism: De facto sovereignty and public authority in ‘Tigerland’

Abstract This article focuses on how the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) insurgency performed de facto sovereignty and public authority in Northeastern Sri Lanka. It is situated within the

Motivaciones, ingreso y experiencias participativas de las mujeres en ETA

This article explores how women who have participated in armed groups experience obstacles, contradictions and pleasures. This participation is crossed by variables which influence and even further

Processes of Mobilization

Recent scholarship on youth participation in conflict can be categorized into five broad types. First, are studies that focus on the different processes of youth recruitment into conflict and the

Analysing the Sri Lankan conflict using Michael Mann's four-dimensional model of social power

This thesis provides an overview of the Sri Lankan civil war with a view to identifying some of the factors that contributed to the dispute between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers



Women Fighters of the Liberation Tigers in Tamil Īlam. the Martial Feminism of Atēl Palacinkam

Introduction An unofficial but popular name for armed women in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) is Cutantira p paravaikal, ’Birds of Independence’, after a journal with the same name and

Knowledge and passion

Michelle Rosaldo presents an ethnographic interpretation of the life of the Ilongots, a group of some 3,500 hunters and horticulturists in Northern Luzon, Philippines. Her study focuces on

Critical Events: An Anthropological Perspective on Contemporary India

Identifying key events in the history of contemporary India - Partition, sati, minority rights, the Bhopal industrial disaster, the nature of the Indian state - Veena Das describes the implications

Women and War

Preface Acknowledgments Introduction: Beautiful Souls/Just Warriors: The Seduction of War 1: Not-a-Soldier's Story: An Exemplary Tale A Child of the 1950s: Images of War and Martyrdom The Growing Up