Reasons for choice of dentistry as a career in Calcutta: a survey report.


A survey was carried out on a randomly selected student sample among the students of Dr. R Ahmed Dental College & Hospital, Calcutta to find out the main reasons for dentistry for a career. The main aim of the survey was to provide base line data on the topic. The reply rate was 71%. Among the sample, 71% chose dentistry as a second choice of career making. Only 5% were influenced by their dentists regarding their choice. 79% of the students were not well aware about the profession prior to admission. That dentistry offers a specialized profession was the commonest reason for its choice of a career. There were significant difference among males and females with respect to reasons other than the main ones. Further studies have been suggested and a need to popularise the profession among the potential applicants has been suggested to increase the applicant pool for dentistry.

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