Rearrangement of chromatin domains during development in Xenopus.

  title={Rearrangement of chromatin domains during development in Xenopus.},
  author={Yegor S Vassetzky and Alan Hair and Marcel M{\'e}chali},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={14 12},
A dynamic change in the organization of different gene domains transcribed by RNA polymerase I, II, or III occurs during the progression from quiescent [pre-midblastula transition (pre-MBT)] to active (post-MBT) embryos during Xenopus development. In the rDNA, c-myc, and somatic 5S gene domains, a transition from random to specific anchorage to the nuclear matrix occurs when chromatin domains become active. The keratin gene domain was also randomly associated to the nuclear matrix before MBT… CONTINUE READING