Rearing Generations: Lakota Grandparents' Commitment to Family and Community.


Disproportionately, American Indian grandparents assume the responsibility of raising their grandchildren. Few studies have examined the experiences of American Indian grandparents living on reservations. Utilizing Indigenous Methodologies and exploratory, in-depth interviews with 25 Lakota elders living on the reservation. This study explored the realities of raising grandchildren including: reasons they began caring for their grandchildren, challenges they face, and they reveal the care and concern for the broader community's grandchildren within the cultural and social context of the reservation.

DOI: 10.1007/s10823-016-9299-8

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@article{Dennis2017RearingGL, title={Rearing Generations: Lakota Grandparents' Commitment to Family and Community.}, author={Mary Kate Dennis and Joseph P Brewer}, journal={Journal of cross-cultural gerontology}, year={2017}, volume={32 1}, pages={95-113} }