Realizing the Corporate Semantic Web: Concept Paper

  title={Realizing the Corporate Semantic Web: Concept Paper},
  author={Adrian Paschke and G{\"o}khan Coskun and Marko Harasic and Ralf Heese and Markus Luczak-R{\"o}sch and Radoslaw Oldakowski and Ralph Sch{\"a}fermeier and Olga Streibel},
In this concept paper, we outline our working plan for the next phase of the Corporate Semantic Web project. The plan covers the period from March 2009 to March 2010. Corporate ontology engineering will improve the facilitation of agile ontology engineering to lessen the costs of ontology development and, especially, maintenance. Corporate semantic collaboration focuses the human-centered aspects of knowledge management in corporate contexts. Corporate semantic search is settled on the highest… CONTINUE READING

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