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Realizing Giant Spin-Selective Reflection based on a Chiral Meta-structure Operating in the Visible-Infrared Regime

  title={Realizing Giant Spin-Selective Reflection based on a Chiral Meta-structure Operating in the Visible-Infrared Regime},
  author={Asif Ali and Syeda Rida Tahir and Muhammad Adnan},
— The spin-selective reflection to introduce chirality which can have a lot of applications in real life such as spectroscopy, optical setups, media industry etc. In this paper, a reflection based metasurface proposed to introduce the giant chiroptical effects at broadband visible and infrared (IR) regimes. The optimization and results of basic unit also termed as nanostructure are demonstrated here. The reflectance at the optimal parameters for the proposed nanostructure shows the inclusion of… 

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