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Realizations of countable Borel equivalence relations

  title={Realizations of countable Borel equivalence relations},
  author={Joshua Frisch and Alexander S. Kechris and Forte Shinko and Zolt'an Vidny'anszky},
We study topological realizations of countable Borel equivalence relations, including realizations by continuous actions of countable groups, with additional desirable properties. Some examples include minimal realizations on any perfect Polish space, realizations as Kσ relations, and realizations by continuous actions on the Baire space. We also consider questions related to realizations of specific important equivalence relations, like Turing and arithmetical equivalence. We focus in… Expand
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Borel measurable actions of countable groups have been intensively studied in the last decades from the viewpoints of descriptive set theory, dynamics and measured group theory [Gab10, Eps08, CM17,Expand
Lifts of Borel actions on quotient spaces.
Given a countable Borel equivalence relation E and a countable group G, we study the problem of when a Borel action of G on X/E can be lifted to a Borel action of G on X.


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Decompositions and measures on countable Borel equivalence relations
  • R. Chen
  • Mathematics
  • Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
  • 2020
Abstract We show that the uniform measure-theoretic ergodic decomposition of a countable Borel equivalence relation $(X, E)$ may be realized as the topological ergodic decomposition of a continuousExpand
How Many Turing Degrees are There
A Borel equivalence relation on a Polish space is countable if all of its equivalence classes are countable. Standard examples of countable Borel equivalence relations (on the space of subsets ofExpand
Finite generators for countable group actions in the Borel and Baire category settings
Abstract For a continuous action of a countable discrete group G on a Polish space X, a countable Borel partition P of X is called a generator if G P : = { g P : g ∈ G , P ∈ P } generates the BorelExpand
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This paper concerns the study of the global structure of measure-preserving actions of countable groups on standard probability spaces. Weak containment is a hierarchical notion of complexity of suchExpand
Martin's conjecture, arithmetic equivalence, and countable Borel equivalence relations
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Measure reducibility of countable Borel equivalence relations
We show that every basis for the countable Borel equivalence relations strictly above $\mathbb{E}_0$ under measure reducibility is uncountable, thereby ruling out natural generalizations of theExpand
Approximation of analytic by Borel sets and definable countable chain conditions
LetI be a σ-ideal on a Polish space such that each set fromI is contained in a Borel set fromI. We say thatI fails to fulfil theΣ11 countable chain condition if there is aΣ11 equivalence relationExpand
Global Aspects of Ergodic Group Actions
The subject of this book is the study of ergodic, measure preserving actions of countable discrete groups on standard probability spaces. It explores a direction that emphasizes a global point ofExpand