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Realization of vortex pair and its application in optical tweezers

  title={Realization of vortex pair and its application in optical tweezers},
  author={Zhongsheng Man and Shuoshuo Zhang and Shenggui Fu1},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
As one fundamental property of light, the orbital angular momentum (OAM) of photon has elicited widespread interest. Here, we theoretically demonstrate that the OAM conversion of light without spin state can occur in homogeneous and isotropic medium when a line-variant locally linearly polarized (LVLLP) beam is strongly focused by a high numerical aperture (NA) objective lens. The high-NA objective lens here acts as a modulator that enables the spin-to-orbital OAM conversion of the two… 

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Phys . Reports 592 , 1 ( 2015 ) . [ 11 ] . M . J . Padgett
  • Adv . Opt . Photon .