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Realization of a general game-playing program

  title={Realization of a general game-playing program},
  author={Jacques Pitrat},
  booktitle={IFIP Congress},
  • J. Pitrat
  • Published in IFIP Congress 1968
  • Computer Science

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Deep Learning for General Game Playing with Ludii and Polygames
The implementation of a bridge between Ludii and Polygames is described, which enables Polygames to train and evaluate models for games that are implemented and run through Ludii. Expand
An Empirical Evaluation of Two General Game Systems: Ludii and RBG
A comparison between the two new General Game Systems have emerged that provide efficient alternatives to the academic state of the art – the Game Description Language (GDL) and the Ludii system is focused on. Expand
General Board Game Concepts
This work proposes to formalise the notion of “game concept”, inspired by terms generally used by game players and designers, and describes concepts for several levels of abstraction, such as the game itself, the moves played, or the states reached. Expand
Artificial Intelligence for Games
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Efficient Reasoning in Regular Boardgames
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Experimental Studies in General Game Playing: An Experience Report
Common difficulties and problems in the experimental research in the area of General Game Playing are pointed out in the context of reproducibility and fairness of comparisons between various GGP agents and systems designed to play games described by different formalisms. Expand
Jacques Pitrat (1934-2019): An obituary
  • T. Cazenave
  • Computer Science, Philosophy
  • J. Int. Comput. Games Assoc.
  • 2020
Ludii - The Ludemic General Game System
The "ludemic" general game system Ludii is described, which has the potential to provide an efficient tool for AI researchers as well as game designers, historians, educators and practitioners in related fields and has various advantages in qualitative aspects such as generality. Expand
Mobile Networks for Computer Go
This paper proposes to evaluate the interest of Mobile Network for the game of Go using supervised learning as well as the use of a policy head and a value head different from the Alpha Zero heads. Expand
Polygames: Improved Zero Learning
Polygames, the framework for Zero learning, with its library of games and its checkpoints, is released, which can create bots independent of the board size. Expand