Realization of Nonlinear Optical Nonreciprocity on a Few-Photon Level Based on Atoms Strongly Coupled to an Asymmetric Cavity.

  title={Realization of Nonlinear Optical Nonreciprocity on a Few-Photon Level Based on Atoms Strongly Coupled to an Asymmetric Cavity.},
  author={Pengfei Yang and Xiuwen Xia and Hai He and Shaokang Li and Xing Han and Peng Zhang and Gang Li and Pengfei Zhang and Jinping Xu and Ya-ping Yang and Tian-Cai Zhang},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={123 23},
Optical nonreciprocity is important in photonic information processing to route the optical signal or prevent the reverse flow of noise. By adopting the strong nonlinearity associated with a few atoms in a strongly coupled cavity QED system and an asymmetric cavity configuration, we experimentally demonstrate the nonreciprocal transmission between two counterpropagating light fields with extremely low power. The transmission of 18% is achieved for the forward light field, and the maximum… 

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