Realization of Holographic Entanglement Temperature for a Nearly-AdS Boundary

  title={Realization of Holographic Entanglement Temperature for a Nearly-AdS Boundary},
  author={Davood Momeni and Muhammad Raza and Hossein Gholizade and Ratbay Myrzakulov},
  journal={International Journal of Theoretical Physics},
Computing the holographic entanglement entropy proposed by Ryu-Takayanagi shows that thermal energy near boundary region in AdS3 gain maximum of the temperature. The absolute maxima of temperature is TEMax=4G3𝜖∞l$T^{Max}_{E}= \frac {4G_{3} \epsilon _{\infty }}{l}$. By simple physical investigations it has become possible to predict a phase transition of first order at critical temperature Tc ≤ TE. As they predict a tail or root towards which the AdS space ultimately tend, the boundary is… 

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