Realistic 3D face modeling using feature-preserving surface registration

  title={Realistic 3D face modeling using feature-preserving surface registration},
  author={Yong Sun Kim and Hwasup Lim and Byongmin Kang and Ouk Choi and KeeChang Lee and James D. K. Kim and Chang-Yeong Kim},
  journal={2010 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing},
This paper presents a novel algorithm for realistic 3D face modeling from a single pair of color and time-of-flight (TOF) depth images using a generic, deformable model. Most previous approaches have attempted to emphasize either facial feature or global shape consistency, resulting in either visually plausible or geometrically accurate models. In this paper, we introduce feature-preserving surface registration to achieve both reality and accuracy. The proposed algorithm takes advantages of… CONTINUE READING