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RealFormer: Transformer Likes Residual Attention

  title={RealFormer: Transformer Likes Residual Attention},
  author={Ruining He and Anirudh Ravula and Bhargav Kanagal and Joshua Ainslie},
  • Ruining He, Anirudh Ravula, +1 author Joshua Ainslie
  • Published 2020
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Transformer is the backbone of modern NLP models. In this paper, we propose RealFormer, a simple Residual Attention Layer Transformer architecture that significantly outperforms canonical Transformers on a spectrum of tasks including Masked Language Modeling, GLUE, and SQuAD. Qualitatively, RealFormer is easy to implement and requires minimal hyper-parameter tuning. It also stabilizes training and leads to models with sparser attentions. Code will be open-sourced upon paper acceptance. 

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