Real versus imagined locomotion: A [18F]-FDG PET-fMRI comparison

  title={Real versus imagined locomotion: A [18F]-FDG PET-fMRI comparison},
  author={Christian la Foug{\`e}re and Andreas Zwergal and Axel Rominger and Stefan F{\"o}rster and Gunther Fesl and Marianne Dieterich and Thomas Brandt and Michael Strupp and Peter Bartenstein and Klaus Jahn},
  volume={50 4},
The cortical, cerebellar and brainstem BOLD-signal changes have been identified with fMRI in humans during mental imagery of walking. In this study the whole brain activation and deactivation pattern during real locomotion was investigated by [(18)F]-FDG-PET and compared to BOLD-signal changes during imagined locomotion in the same subjects using fMRI… CONTINUE READING