Real-time vision-based camera tracking for augmented reality applications

  title={Real-time vision-based camera tracking for augmented reality applications},
  author={Dieter Koller and Gudrun Klinker and Eric Rose and David E. Breen and Ross T. Whitaker and Mihran Tuceryan},
Augmentedrealitydealswith theproblemof dynamically augmentingor enhancing(imagesor live videoof) thereal world with computergenerateddata (e.g., graphicsof virtual objects). This posestwo major problems: (a) determiningtheprecisealignmentof real andvirtual coordinate framesfor overlay, and(b)capturingthe3Denvironmentincludingcamera andobjectmotions.Thelatter is important for interactiveaugmentedreality applicationswhere users caninteractwith bothreal andvirtual objects. Here… CONTINUE READING
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