Real time thermal estimation of a Brushed DC Motor by a steady-state Kalman filter algorithm in multi-rate sampling scheme

  title={Real time thermal estimation of a Brushed DC Motor by a steady-state Kalman filter algorithm in multi-rate sampling scheme},
  author={Roel Pantonial and A. Kilantang and Bernardino Buenaobra},
  journal={TENCON 2012 IEEE Region 10 Conference},
In industrial motion control systems, a reliable thermal protection of dc motors is necessary in reducing motor failures and increasing its lifespan. In this paper, a thermal estimation algorithm for the Brushed DC (BDC) Motor was designed and developed. A steady-state Kalman Filter Algorithm is used to estimate the speed and current states of the BDC Motor dynamic system without incurring large computational bandwidth. Given the states of the dynamic system, a second-order thermal model is… 

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