Real-time rendering of decorative sound textures for soundscapes

  title={Real-time rendering of decorative sound textures for soundscapes},
  author={Jinta Zheng and Shih-Hsuan Hung and Kyle Hiebel and Yue Zhang},
  journal={ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)},
  pages={1 - 12}
Audio recordings contain rich information about sound sources and their properties such as the location, loudness, and frequency of events. One prevalent component in sound recordings is the sound texture, which contains a massive number of events. In such a texture, there can be some distinct and repeated sounds that we term as a foreground sound. Birds chirping in the wind is one such decorative sound texture with the chirping as a foreground sound and the wind as a background texture. To… 


Acoustic texture rendering for extended sources in complex scenes
This work formalizes the notion of acoustic texture by introducing the event loudness density (ELD), which relates the rapidity of received events to their loudness, and shows that this ELD field can be extracted from a single wave simulation for each extended source and rendered flexibly using a granular synthesis pipeline.
A Montage Approach to Sound Texture Synthesis
  • Sean O'Leary, A. Röbel
  • Computer Science
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
  • 2016
A novel algorithm based on a montage approach to synthesis, where the original sample is cut into small pieces and these atoms are concatenated together in a new sequence, preserving certain structures of the original texture.
Constrained example-based audio synthesis
This work proposes a new example-based audio synthesis method for both applications which works for musical and texture-like sound examples alike and is evaluated on a variety of musical styles, from classical music to punk rock, and on several texture- like atmospheric sounds.
On the modeling of sound textures based on the STFT representation
An algorithm to extract and modify the statistical properties of a sound texture based on its STFT representation is proposed and it is shown that the algorithm is capable of generating high quality sounds from an extracted model.
State of the Art in Sound Texture Synthesis
An overview is given over analysis methods used for sound texture synthesis, such as segmentation, statistical modeling, timbral analysis, and modeling of transitions.
Spatialized Synthesis of Noisy Environmental Sounds
An overview of the stochastic modeling for analysis/synthesis of noisy sounds is presented, focused on the time-frequency domain synthesis based on the inverse fast Fourier transform algorithm from which the design of a spatialized synthesizer is proposed.
Method for creating location-specific audio textures
Results obtained in listening experiments show that there is no statistically significant difference in the audio quality or location-specificity of audio when the created audio textures are compared to excerpts of the original recordings.
Parametric directional coding for precomputed sound propagation
A novel parametric encoder is proposed that compresses this function within a budget of ~100MB for large scenes, while capturing many salient acoustic effects indoors and outdoors, and is complemented with a lightweight signal processing algorithm whose filtering cost is largely insensitive to the number of sound sources.
Ambient sound propagation
It is shown that ambient sources can be approximated using an ideal notion of spatio-temporal incoherence and developed a lightweight technique to capture their global propagation effects, and a fast binaural rendering technique that exploits phase incoherence to reduce filtering cost is presented.