Real-time recognition of the inclusion relation

  title={Real-time recognition of the inclusion relation},
  author={Yuri V. Matiyasevich},
  journal={Journal of Soviet Mathematics},
On Specialization of a Program Model of Naive Pattern Matching in Strings (Extended Abstract)
We have proved that for any pattern p the tail recursive program model of naive pattern matching may be automatically specialized w.r.t. the pattern p to a specialized version of the so-called
Intrusion Detection Systems
An Efficient Approach for Super and Nested Term Indexing and Retrieval
This paper describes a new approach, called Terminological Bucket Indexing (TBI), for efficient indexing and retrieval of both nested and super terms using a single method. We propose a hybrid data
Low complexity algorithms in knot theory
The study of classes of knots where the genus problem and even the equivalence problem have very low computational complexity is initiated, and it is shown that the genus problems for alternating knots with n crossings has linear time complexity and is in Logspace and circuit complexity class.
On the complexity of conjugacy in amalgamated products and HNN extensions
  • A. Weiss
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2015
This thesis deals with the conjugacy problem in classes of groups which can be written as HNN extension or amalgamated product, and shows that the comparison problem in power circuits is complete for P under logspace reductions and some basic transfer results for circuit complexity in the same class of groups.
A Note on Monitors and Büchi Automata
A proper subclass of deterministic $$\omega $$-regular languages but also strictly larger than the subclass of languages which are deterministic and codeterministic is located, and for this subclass there exist canonical monitors which also accept the language itself.
Validating the Knuth-Morris-Pratt Failure Function, Fast and Online
This paper gives an elementary and self-contained $\mathcal{O}(n\log n)$ time algorithm for this problem, thus improving the previously known solution (Duval et al. in Conference in honor of Donald E. Knuth, 2007), which had no polynomial time bound.
Cyclic rewriting and conjugacy problems
These techniques are applied to the universal groups of Stallings pregroups and in particular to free products with amalgamation, HNN-extensions and virtually free groups, to yield simple and intuitive algorithms and proofs of conjugacy criteria.
Multiple serial episode matching
The main contribution is an algorithm solving the multiple serial episode matching problem on-line in time, called O(nq), which is based on the Knuth-Morris-Pratt pattern matching algorithm.