Real-time hand tracking for rehabilitation and character animation

  title={Real-time hand tracking for rehabilitation and character animation},
  author={Ant{\'o}nio H. J. Moreira and Sandro F. Queiros and Jos{\'e} A. Fonseca and Pedro L. Rodrigues and Nuno F. Rodrigues and Jo{\~a}o L. Vilaça},
  journal={2014 IEEE 3nd International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH)},
Hand and finger tracking has a major importance in healthcare, for rehabilitation of hand function required due to a neurological disorder, and in virtual environment applications, like characters animation for on-line games or movies. Current solutions consist mostly of motion tracking gloves with embedded resistive bend sensors that most often suffer from signal drift, sensor saturation, sensor displacement and complex calibration procedures. More advanced solutions provide better tracking… CONTINUE READING
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