Real-time gaseous, PM and ultrafine particle emissions from a modern marine engine operating on biodiesel.

  title={Real-time gaseous, PM and ultrafine particle emissions from a modern marine engine operating on biodiesel.},
  author={Varalakshmi Jayaram and Harshit Agrawal and William A Welch and John W. Miller and David R. Cocker},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={45 6},
Emissions from harbor-craft significantly affect air quality in populated regions near ports and inland waterways. This research measured regulated and unregulated emissions from an in-use EPA Tier 2 marine propulsion engine on a ferry operating in a bay following standard methods. A special effort was made to monitor continuously both the total Particulate Mass (PM) mass emissions and the real-time Particle Size Distribution (PSD). The engine was operated following the loads in ISO 8178-4 E3… CONTINUE READING
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