Real-time dynamics in spin-1/2 chains with adaptive time-dependent DMRG

  title={Real-time dynamics in spin-1/2 chains with adaptive time-dependent DMRG},
  author={Dominique Gobert and Corinna Kollath and Ulrich Schollwoeck and Gunter M. Sch{\"u}tz},
  • Dominique Gobert, Corinna Kollath, +1 author Gunter M. Schütz
  • Published 2004
  • Physics
  • We investigate the influence of different interaction strengths and dimerizations on the magnetization transport in antiferromagnetic spin-1/2 XXZ-chains. We focus on the real-time evolution of the inhomogeneous initial state with all spins pointing up along the z axis in the left half and down in the right half of the chain, using the adaptive time-dependent density-matrix renormalization group (adaptive t-DMRG). We find on time-scales accessible to us ballistic magnetization transport for… CONTINUE READING

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