Real-time detection of anomalies in large-scale transient surveys

  title={Real-time detection of anomalies in large-scale transient surveys},
  author={Daniel Muthukrishna and Kaisey S. Mandel and Michelle Lochner and Sara Webb and Gautham Narayan},
New large-scale transient surveys will observe millions of transient alerts each night, making standard approaches of visually identifying new and interesting transients unfeasible. We present a novel method of automatically detecting anomalies in real-time transient light curves. Using state-of-the-art deep recurrent neural networks with Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) units, we present one of the first methods designed to provide anomaly scores of photometric data as a function of time. We build… 

SNAD transient miner: Finding missed transient events in ZTF DR4 using k-D trees

Autonomous Real-Time Science-Driven Follow-up of Survey Transients

Astronomical surveys continue to provide unprecedented insights into the time-variable Universe and will remain the source of groundbreaking discoveries for years to come. However, their data



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