Real generation of power quality disturbances


Nowadays, feature of electrical power becomes a main subject that takes concern of utilities and its customers. Due to undesired disturbances in power quality (PQ) field, many studies took place to analyze and detect the causes of power quality disturbances (PQD). This paper presents a testing of generated PQD on BIOPAC electrocardiogram (ECG). The generated disturbed signals are based on LabView software. The LabView can generate five categories of PQD in addition to the undisturbed signal. These categories are sags, swells, harmonics, and combination of sags and swells with harmonics. Each category can be easily controlled by a knob and different controls on the VI windows of the LabView software. In order to test these signals on the ECG, hardware was implemented. This hardware is based on NI myRIO 1900, Audio Amplifier of 12 V<sub>out</sub>, and 12V/220V RMS AC step-up transformer.

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