Real algebraic geometry

  title={Real algebraic geometry},
  author={J. Bochnak and M. Coste and Marie-Françoise Roy},
1. Ordered Fields, Real Closed Fields.- 2. Semi-algebraic Sets.- 3. Real Algebraic Varieties.- 4. Real Algebra.- 5. The Tarski-Seidenberg Principle as a Transfer Tool.- 6. Hilbert's 17th Problem. Quadratic Forms.- 7. Real Spectrum.- 8. Nash Functions.- 9. Stratifications.- 10. Real Places.- 11. Topology of Real Algebraic Varieties.- 12. Algebraic Vector Bundles.- 13. Polynomial or Regular Mappings with Values in Spheres.- 14. Algebraic Models of C? Manifolds.- 15. Witt Rings in Real Algebraic… Expand

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Comparison of stratified-algebraic and topological K-theory
Stratied-algebra ic vector bundles on real algebraic varieties have many desirable features of algebraic vector bundles but are more exible. We give a characterization of the compact real algebraicExpand
Real algebraic geometry studies sets defined by systems of polynomial equations over the reals [5]. Three problems of Hilbert [18] are related to important aspects of real algebraic geometry. WeExpand
Real plane algebraic curves
Abstract We study real algebraic plane curves, at an elementary level, using as little algebra as possible. Both cases, affine and projective, are addressed. A real curve is infinite, finite or emptyExpand
Curves on algebraic models of smooth manifolds
(X,Z/2).By a real algebraic curve we mean a one-dimensional irreducible real algebraic set.If Cis such a curve, then there is a unique (up to isomorphism) nonsingular projectivecomplex algebraicExpand
Second order homological obstructions on real algebraic manifolds
Let Y be a compact nonsingular real algebraic set whose homology classes (over Z/2) are represented by Zariski closed subsets. It is well known that every smooth map from a compact smooth manifold toExpand
Algebraic boundaries of convex semi-algebraic sets
AbstractWe study the algebraic boundary of a convex semi-algebraic set via duality in convex and algebraic geometry. We generalise the correspondence of facets of a polytope with the vertices of theExpand
Relative topology of real algebraic varieties in their complexifications
We investigate, for a given smooth closed manifoldM, the existence of an algebraic model X forM (i.e., a nonsingular real algebraic variety di.eomorphic to M) such that some non-singular projectiveExpand
Witt equivalence of algebraic function fields over real closed fields
Abstract. We examine the conditions for two algebraic function fields over real closed fields to be Witt equivalent. We show that there are only two Witt classes of algebraic function fields with aExpand
Decomposition of sets in real algebraic geometry
We present a new notion of decomposition of semialgebraic sets by introducing a mode of irreducibility based on arc-analytic functions. The result is a refinement of the decomposition of such setsExpand
  • W. Kucharz
  • Mathematics
  • Glasgow Mathematical Journal
  • 2014
Abstract Let Y be a compact nonsingular real algebraic variety of positive dimension. Then one can find a compact connected nonsingular real algebraic variety X, which admits a continuous map into YExpand


The Moment Problem on Compact Semi-Algebraic Sets
In this chapter we begin the study of the multidimensional moment problem. The passage to dimensions d ≥ 2 brings new difficulties and unexpected phenomena. In Sect. 3.2 we derived solvabilityExpand
The Elementary Theory of Restricted Analytic Fields with Exponentiation
numbers with exponentiation is model complete. When we combine this with Hovanskii's finiteness theorem [9], it follows that the real exponential field is o-minimal. In o-minimal expansions of theExpand
On the Betti numbers of real varieties
PROOF. Approximate fi, * *, fm by real polynomials F1, * , Fm of the same degrees whose coefficients are algebraically independent. Now consider the variety Vc in the complex Cartesian spaceExpand
On classification of real singularities
A fundamental problem in the theory of real singularities is to search for a "nice and natural" equivalence relation in the set d , of germs of analytic functions: (B(", 0)--,(P,, 0). We shall defineExpand
Computing Roadmaps of General Semi-Algebraic Sets
  • J. Canny
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Comput. J.
  • 1993
The eoadmap algorithm described in [3, 4] which worked only for compact, regularly stratified sets is replaced by a one-dimensional semi-algebraic subset R(S) of S. Expand
Description of the connected components of a semialgebraic set in single exponential time
This paper is devoted to the following result: it is possible to find algorithmically a description of the semialgebraically connected components ofS in sequential timeDno(1) and parallel time (n logD)o(1). Expand
Solving Systems of Polynomial Inequalities in Subexponential Time
The algorithm constructs a certain finite set of solutions for the family of components of connectivity of the set of all real solutions of the system in the case of a positive answer. Expand
On Strongly Minimal Sets
The present exposition goes beyond [3] in showing that any ℵ-categorical theory has a principal extension in which some formula is strongly minimal. Expand
Real Quantifier Elimination is Doubly Exponential
We show that quantifier elimination over real closed fields can require doubly exponential space (and hence time). This is done by explicitly constructing a sequence of expressions whose length isExpand