Real Time Visualization of Dynamic Magnetic Fields with a Nanomagnetic Ferrolens

  title={Real Time Visualization of Dynamic Magnetic Fields with a Nanomagnetic Ferrolens},
  author={Emmanouil Markoulakis and Iraklis I. Rigakis and John Chatzakis and Antonios J. Konstantaras and Emmanuel N. Antonidakis},
  journal={IRPN: Science Studies (Topic)},
Real time display with the ferrolens of homogeneous magnetic fields
A synthetic macroscopic magnetic unipole
We demonstrate experimentally with a prototype for the first time, that an artificial emergent magnetic unipole hedgehog field in a simply connected three dimensional domain is possible, emulating


Topological effects in nanomagnetism: from superparamagnetism to chiral quantum solitons
Micromagnetics has been the method of choice to interpret experimental data in the area of microscopic magnetism for several decades. In this article, we show how progress has been made to extend
Direct observation of dipolar chains in iron ferrofluids by cryogenic electron microscopy
In situ linear dipolar structures in ferrofluids in zero field are shown, visualized on the particle level by electron cryo-microscopy on thin, vitrified films of organic dispersions of monodisperse metallic iron particles, showing that the experimental model used is well suited to study the structural properties of dipolar particle systems.
Frequency-Dependent Magnetic Susceptibility of Magnetite and Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles Embedded in PAA Hydrogel
Ferrogels holding thermally blocked iron oxide or cobalt ferrite nanoparticles show significant decrease of the magnetic susceptibility resulting from a frozen magnetic structure, confirming that the nanoparticles are unable to rotate thermally inside the hydrogel, in agreement with their irreversible fixation to the polymer network.
Recent progress in ferrofluids research: novel applications of magnetically controllable and tunable fluids.
A summary of recent advances in established and emerging applications of ferrofluids, including applications in optics, sensors, actuators, seals, lubrication, and static/dynamic magnetically driven assembly of structures is provided.
Vortices and vortex lattices in quantum ferrofluids.
A review of the theory of vortices in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate is given, exploring the interplay of magnetism with vorticity and contrasting this with the established behaviour in non-dipolar condensates.
Optical negative refraction in ferrofluids with magnetocontrollability.
It is numerically demonstrated that optical negative refraction in ferrofluids containing isotropic Fe3O4 nanoparticles, each having an isotropics Ag shell, in the presence of an external dc magnetic field H, arises from H-induced chains or columns.
Light Polarization Using Ferrofluids and Magnetic Fields
We are presenting an experimental setup based on polarized light, enabling the visualization of the magnetic field of magnetic assemblies using a Hele-Shaw cell filled with ferrofluids. We have
Handbook of Magnetic Materials