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Real-Time Simulation of 3D Fluid Using Graphics Hardware

  title={Real-Time Simulation of 3D Fluid Using Graphics Hardware},
  author={Marinus R{\o}rbech},
A multilayer structure and container formed therefrom is disclosed which comprises a layer of a polystyrene polymer modified with a carboxylic acid or carboxylic anhydride and a layer of an ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer. 
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Smoke Simulation for Fire Engineering using CUDA Masters thesis
This thesis investigates the possibilities of interactive smoke simulation for engineering purposes, using the recently released programming model CUDA, based on a fractional step method to solve the partial differential fractions of the Navier-Stokes equations.


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The method proposed here exploits physics unique to smoke in order to design a numerical method that is both fast and efficient on the relatively coarse grids traditionally used in computer graphics applications.
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Stable fluids
  • J. Stam
  • Computer Science
    SIGGRAPH '99
  • 1999
This paper proposes an unconditionally stable model which still produces complex fluid-like flows and the stability of the model allows us to take larger time steps and therefore achieve faster simulations.
Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games
This paper presents a simple and rapid implementation of a fluid dynamics solver for game engines based on the physical equations of fluid flow, namely the Navier-Stokes equations, which means that the simulations can be advanced with arbitrary time steps.
Smoke simulation for large scale phenomena
An efficient method for simulating highly detailed large scale participating media such as the nuclear explosions by simulating the motion of particles in a fluid dynamics generated velocity field using a moderate sized three-dimensional Kolmogorov velocity field tiled periodically in space.