Real-Time Ray-Casting and Advanced Shading of Discrete Isosurfaces

  title={Real-Time Ray-Casting and Advanced Shading of Discrete Isosurfaces},
  author={Markus Hadwiger and Christian Sigg and Henning Scharsach and Katja B{\"u}hler and Markus H. Gross},
  journal={Comput. Graph. Forum},
This paper presents a real-time rendering pipeline for implicit surfaces defined by a regular volumetric grid of samples. We use a ray-casting approach on current graphics hardware to perform a direct rendering of the isosurface. A two-level hierarchical representation of the regular grid is employed to allow object-order and image-order empty space skipping and circumvent memory limitations of graphics hardware. Adaptive sampling and iterative refinement lead to high-quality ray/surface… CONTINUE READING
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