Real-Time Overhead Transmission-Line Monitoring for Dynamic Rating

  title={Real-Time Overhead Transmission-Line Monitoring for Dynamic Rating},
  author={Dale Douglass and William Chisholm and Glenn Davidson and Ian Grant and Keith Lindsey and Mark Lancaster and Dan Lawry and Tom McCarthy and Carlos Nascimento and Mohammad Sajeed Pasha and Jerry Reding and Tapani Seppa and Janos Toth and Peter Waltz},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery},
This paper discusses the wide range of real-time line monitoring devices which can be used to determine the dynamic thermal rating of an overhead transmission line with the power system operating normally or during a system contingency. The most common types of real-time monitors are described including those that measure the line clearance, conductor temperature, and weather data in the line right of way. The strengths and weaknesses of the various monitoring methods are evaluated, concluding… CONTINUE READING

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