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Real Time Object Tracking Based on Inter-frame Coding: A Review

  title={Real Time Object Tracking Based on Inter-frame Coding: A Review},
  author={Shraddha Mehta and Vaishali Kalariya},
Inter-frame Coding plays significant role for video Compression and Computer Vision. Computer vision systems have been incorporated in many real life applications (e.g. surveillance systems, medical imaging, robot navigation and identity verification systems).Object tracking is a key computer vision topic, which aims at detecting the position of a moving object from a video sequence. The application of Inter-frame Coding for low frame rate video, as well as for low resolution video. Various… 

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Block Matching for Object Tracking
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The proposed snake energy terms are associated with contour segments and they are scale/resolution independent to allow multi-resolution contour tracking without the need to retune the weights of the energy terms at each resolution level.
Online) | ISSN : 2229-4333 (Print) Shraddha Mehta received her B.E. degree in Computer Science Engineering from Gujarat Technological University
  • 2008, and pursuing M.Tech. degree in Computer Engineering from RK University 2012 to 2013.Her research interests includes with Image Processing. At present, She is engaged in Real Time Object Tracking Based On Inter-Frame Coding
  • 2014
San - Video Object Tracking With Feedback of Performance Measures - IEEE Transactions on circuits and systems for video technology
  • vol. 13,
  • 2013