Real-Time Implementation of Simulation-based Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model

  title={Real-Time Implementation of Simulation-based Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model},
  author={Ta-Yin Hu and Li-Wen Chen},
  journal={2008 11th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems},
This research aims at developing a real-time simulation-based dynamic traffic model for mixed traffic flow conditions for ATMS/ATIS applications. The real-time model is implemented based on rolling horizon approach. The rolling horizon is advanced for each stage, thus real-time data can be incorporated within the framework. In order to predict normative as well as predictive information, a simulation-based DTA model is employed within each stage. Empirical data for freeways, including flows… CONTINUE READING


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T. Y. Hu, T. Y. Liao, L. W. Chen, Y. K. Huang, M. L. Chiang