Real-Time Energy Management for DC Microgrids Using Artificial Intelligence

  title={Real-Time Energy Management for DC Microgrids Using Artificial Intelligence},
  author={Aiman J. Albarakati and Younes Boujoudar and Mohamed Azeroual and Reda Jabeur and Ayman Aljarbouh and Hassan El Moussaoui and Tijani Lamhamdi and Najat Ouaaline},
Microgrids are defined as an interconnection of several renewable energy sources in order to provide the load power demand at any time. Due to the intermittence of renewable energy sources, storage systems are necessary, and they are generally used as a backup system. Indeed, to manage the power flows along the entire microgrid, an energy management strategy (EMS) is necessary. This paper describes a microgrid energy management system, which is composed of solar panels and wind turbines as… 

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Multiagent System for Real-Time Operation of a Microgrid in Real-Time Digital Simulator

The distributed multiagent model proposed in this paper provides a common communication interface for all components of the microgrid to interact with one another for autonomous intelligent control actions and optimizes the power exchange between the main power grid and the micro grid subject to system constraints and constraints of distributed energy resources.