Real-Time Cross-Sectioning of Dynamic Particle Systems


Particle Systems are extensively used to visualize a wide range of complex phenomena and volumes. Flow visualization is one such area where particle systems have capability to provide effective representations of various fields. However, the usefulness of any visualization system is strongly determined by its interactivity and by understandability of the data it represents. A system must provide means to explore the data, as exploration may reveal an insight that a set of fixed images cannot. Representations of complex fields and volumes using particles often lead to self-occluding structures. This impedes better exploration by hiding details of complex regions in the field. We provide a real-time interactive method for taking cross-sections of any field represented by particle systems without regenerating the particle dataset. This method enables a user to dynamically change the orientations of the cutting planes to observe details of the occluded regions from various view points. Usage of this method is not limited to vector fields and can be extended, rather then directly used, to explore any dynamic volumes generated using particles.

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