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Real Lies, White Lies and Gray Lies: Towards a Typology of Deception

  title={Real Lies, White Lies and Gray Lies: Towards a Typology of Deception},
  author={Erin M Bryant},
Exploring Reasons Why Parents Use White Lies to Golden Age Children in Al Ghazaly Kindergarten
White-lies are lying with good intentions. Parents sometimes use white-lies in communicating with their children, especially golden age children who are active and curious about many things. ThisExpand
Be honest with me: An exploration of lies in relationships
Digital deceptions : differences in the perceived effectiveness of media for deception in the educational contex
OF THE THESIS Digital Deceptions: Differences in the Perceived Effectiveness of Media for Deception in the Educational Contex by Michael J. McHan Master of Ars in Communication San Diego StateExpand
Sensemaking and Relational Consequences of Peer Co-worker Deception
This exploratory study examined sensemaking of peer co-worker deception from the perception of the deceived. A total of 58 narrative accounts of deception were collected via face-to-face interviewsExpand
A qualitative study of perception of a dishonesty experiment
ABSTRACT We conducted focus groups with participants of a laboratory experiment on cheating with the aim to describe and structure participants’ lived experience with the experiment and to compareExpand
Comprehending Covidiocy Communication
Hoaxes and the Dissemination of Hope through Social Media in the Islamic Perspective: White Lies versus Black Lies
In the name of Allah, most Gracious and most Merciful. The advancement of technology has provide various channel in the form of platform, infrastructure, software and application to spreadExpand
A family of falsehoods: Deception, media hoaxes and fake news
“Fake news” became a concern for journalists in 2017 as news organizations sought to differentiate themselves from false information spread via social media, websites and public officials. This essayExpand
Angielskie (white) lies i francuskie (pieux) mensonges. Etnolingwistyczne rozważania o niemówieniu prawdy
The fact that most European languages have a word similar to the verb lie has led many to believe that lying is a universal cognitive category, that all human beings have an intuitive understandingExpand


Aversive Interpersonal Behaviors
In 1993, James Redfield published the Celestine Prophecy, an intriguing book describing the nine insights of life as revealed in a fictitious Peruvian manuscript. As individuals uncover each of theExpand
Lying in everyday life.
Participants said that they did not regard their lies as serious and did not plan them much or worry about being caught, still, social interactions in which lies were told were less pleasant and less intimate than those in which no lie was told. Expand
Interpersonal ritual: Essays on face-to-face behavior
  • New York: Pantheon Books.
  • 1967
Nightmares, Demons, and Slaves
Although considerable research has linked workplace bullying with psychosocial and physical costs, the stories and conceptualizations of mistreatment by those targeted are largely untold. This studyExpand
The Dynamic Nature of Deceptive Verbal Communication
Past research on verbal deception has found inconsistent patterns, possibly due to failure to consider the dynamic nature of interpersonal deception. The current investigation examined temporalExpand
Lying, Cheating, Complaining, and Other Aversive Interpersonal Behaviors: A Narrative Examination of the Darker Side of Relationships
People do a lot of mean and nasty things to one another. Collectively, these behaviors are referred to as aversive interpersonal behaviors. To examine the structural elements of different aversiveExpand
Qualitative Communication Research Methods (2nd ed.)
  • 2002
The acceptability of deception as a function of perceivers' culture, deceiver's intention, and deceiver‐deceived relationship
This study explored the degree to which deception is perceived to be a socially acceptable form of communication. It was suspected that a liar's motivation for deceiving, a perceiver's culturalExpand