Readings of Racism: Interpretation, stereotyping and The Phantom Menace

  title={Readings of Racism: Interpretation, stereotyping and The Phantom Menace},
  author={Will Brooker},
  pages={15 - 32}
Chicago in early March can be a cold city. I was in town for the Society of Cinema Studies conference, and on Saturday 11 March I was walking outside in the cold rather than attending the next panel inside the Congress Plaza Hotel. My paper, on the whole, had not gone down well. The reaction had not been uniformly negative: several delegates who had argued with me during the panel shook my hand afterwards and told me they had enjoyed the debate. Yet more than one member of the audience had… 

Race on The Wire: a metacritical account

This article draws on critical responses to The Wire as a way of reflecting on how race is reproduced. It focuses on how calls for better stories and images on television are not reconciled with the

Patriots and Militias, Fascism and the State

The chapter discusses The Patriot (Dean Selmer, 1998) and Arlington Road (Mark Pellington, 1999) as representing the federal American state as being, in the former, challenged by an armed militia

Situating Oneself in a Racialized World: Understanding Student Reactions to Crash through Standpoint Theory and Context-Positionality Frames

Abstract Through a thematic analysis of 136 student reactions to the movie Crash, this study examines how individuals situate themselves in terms of race, racism, and race relations in the film and

Shakespeare Aftershocks: Shylock

Aftershocks, this paper argues, are repetitions of Shakespearean characters, narratives and themes which make no conscious connection to, or acknowledgement of, the source which helps to register



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